We are a Third Party Loan Processing Company that was born out of the need to assist mortgage loan originators who are reluctant to pay for a full-time Loan Processor. Along with the constant changes in the loan products and programs, loan processing can also be very tedious, labor-intensive and is known to be the most critical task in the mortgage industry. Due to the intensity and complexity of this role, it can take the focus away from loan originating but by outsourcing your loans to us, we can assist you in streamlining your business processes to increase internal productivity and efficiency, reduce processing costs by meeting your goals closing more loans. We can provide you with a custom-fit business solution to help you originate loans in accordance with compliance and regulations. We review the entire loan application package and communicate with mortgage brokers, loan officers, openers, underwriters, and closers in every step of the process from beginning to end.


Our processors are recruited and trained extensively to support a variety of originating and loan processing services. Our services allow our clients to focus on their core competencies by leveraging our loan processing experience and resources. Our primary focus is for lenders and brokers to focus on building client relationships, increase their pipelines or company’s growth while we do all the heavy lifting for them.

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  • Elimination of the Cost of Hiring Full-Time Processors
  • Having Trained Processors with Accumulative Knowledge
  • Loans are Closed Faster and with Increased Efficiency
  • An Uncompromising Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Loans are Compliant with Industry Regulations
  • Reduction in your Overheads and Tax Liability
  • More Time to Focus on your Core Business
  • A Plan B for Emergencies

Elimination of the Cost of Hiring Full-Time Processors – Managing your own processing team can be expensive and time-consuming but outsourcing your loans can be hassle-free and can significantly reduce your cost especially during market fluctuation. Contract processors are and self-motivated and will spend more time closing your loans.

Having Trained Processors with Accumulative Knowledge – When you use a company that has trained and seasoned processors, the advantage is access to their accumulative knowledge. You gain the support of highly qualified individuals helping you to originate and fund more loans while creating stability and security for your business.


A Plan B for Emergencies – Having plan B during a time of urgency can eliminate stress from deadlines or obstacles, an employee leaving the company unexpectedly, sick or on vacation.  A contract loan processing company in mind is just a smart and effective way to circumvent circumstances like these.


Loans are Closed Faster and with Increased Efficiency – Our streamline operation is implemented to process our loans efficiently and accurately. This allows loans to close faster, gives your company a good reputation and a more competitive advantage. Our prime focus is to always follow this process so that we can close on time and be paid as promptly as possible.


More Time to Focus on your Core Business – Every manager and loan originator has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business to shift its focus from peripheral activities toward work that serves the customer, and it can also help our clients to set their priorities more clearly. By outsourcing your loan processing to us, more time is spent doing what you do best – originating and closing more loans!


An Uncompromised Level of Customer Satisfaction – We focus on making your clients happy to retain a long-lasting relationship with you. This gives Brokers and Lenders an excellent rating and ultimately increases your referrals.


Loans are Compliant with Industry Regulations  Our processors ensure that each loan is processed in complete accordance with all government and lender regulatory requirements. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’re fully covered from all pertaining risks and liabilities that come with failure to comply with these lending industry regulations.


Reduction in your Overheads and Tax Liability – An employed loan processor can be very expensive when you have to pay both salary and commission. In addition, covering all other expenses like insurance benefits, workers compensation insurance, payroll processing, accounting, office equipment, and office supplies are more additional expenses that come with an employed loan processor. However, by choosing an outsourcing loan processing company, this can cut your cost and tax liabilities tremendously.


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