• Collect and validate the accuracy of all signed disclosures including the uniform residential application
  • Collect and review all the supporting documents provided by the borrower for any reg flags that may cause the loan to be denied
  • We request all third-party documents such as title, appraisal, payoffs, verification of rent, mortgage, homeowners insurance, credit supplement and condo questionnaires
  • We then run the loans through our desktop underwriting system to ensure that the loan meets lending guidelines
  • The loan is then package and submitted to lender for a  loan  decision
  • Loan status emails are then sent out to borrowers and loan originators to inform them of the loan progress. This is done throughout the process of the loan
  • Once the loan the underwriter has made a decision, provided that the loan is conditionally approve, we gather all the missing items and review for accuracy and red flags
  • Loan is then lock and disclose to borrower
  • Loan is then the prepared and sent back to underwriter for final decision
  • We then prepare loan for closing and clear any  post closing conditions if required


Consistent Closing Ratio

Inconsistent loan volume can make it difficult for brokers and lenders to consistently maintain their closing ratio and their profit margin.

Lower Cost

Hiring a full-time processor can be costly in addition to all other overhead expenses, especially during slow seasons.


Outsourcing makes it easier because we cover every step up to closing. You will spend less time managing and more time generating new loans.

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